Case Study: Anonymous Swedish Marketing Firm - Turning Challenges into Triumphs

Case Study: Anonymous Swedish Marketing Firm - Turning Challenges into Triumphs

May 21, 2024

Client Overview

Our client, a major Swedish marketing firm (whose name we can't reveal due to an NDA), is a powerhouse in the industry. Known for their massive brand presence, they previously relied heavily on inbound leads to fuel their growth. However, even giants face challenges, especially in a tough economy.

The Challenge

Despite their impressive brand recognition, our client was struggling to attract new clients in the current economic climate. Their main goals were:

  • Diversify Lead Generation: Move beyond relying solely on inbound leads.

  • Increase Revenue: Generate significant revenue quickly.

  • Secure High-Ticket Clients: Attract and close deals with high-value clients.

The Solution

We stepped in to shake things up and implemented a strategic plan to address their challenges head-on.

  1. Diversifying Lead Generation:

    • Introduced a robust outbound lead generation strategy to complement their inbound efforts.

    • Leveraged targeted outreach and personalized campaigns to engage potential clients who hadn't yet reached out to them.

  2. Increasing Revenue:

    • Focused on identifying and converting high-value prospects to quickly boost revenue.

    • Applied our expertise in sales and lead generation to create a pipeline that consistently brought in new business.

  3. Securing High-Ticket Clients:

    • Aimed for the top, targeting clients with substantial budgets and complex needs.

    • Showcased the firm's ability to deliver exceptional value, leading to the acquisition of 7 high-ticket clients.


Our efforts led to some stellar outcomes for our client:

  • Significant Revenue Boost: Achieved 250,000€ in revenue within just 3 months, a testament to our effective lead generation strategies.

  • High-Ticket Clients: Secured 7 high-ticket clients, each contributing significantly to their growth.

  • Average Deal Size: Maintained an impressive average deal size of 36,000€, highlighting the quality and value of the clients brought in.

Our collaboration transformed their lead generation approach, providing a diversified and robust pipeline that consistently delivers high-value opportunities. The firm is now better positioned to navigate economic challenges and continue thriving in the competitive marketing landscape.

  • 7 high-ticket clients

  • AVG deal 36 000€

  • 250 000€ in revenue in 3 months