Case Study: Mayor Unlimited

Oct 11, 2023


Mayor Unlimited is an IT company from Switzerland that specializes in Digital solutions. Mayor Unlimited is a Switzerland-based IT company that specializes in digital solutions.

Prior to working with us, they faced difficulty in generating new leads in a predictable manner, receiving only a few inbound meetings on a weekly basis. Despite having a sales department, their attempts at cracking outbound marketing and lead generation were unsuccessful.


We spent quite a lot of time testing which angles would resonate with their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) the best. A lot of hours were spent on researching their markets and then coming up with a lot of A/B tested angles to try and capture interested leads to hear more of Mayor Unlimited's offerings. We dedicated a significant amount of time to testing different angles that would resonate with Mayor Unlimited's Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). We conducted extensive research on their markets and developed a variety of A/B tested angles to capture the interest of potential leads and introduce them to Mayor Unlimited's offerings.

To be completely honest, our first few campaigns did not immediately yield significant results, but we were still able to generate more interested leads than ever before.

After analyzing the data from our initial campaigns, we adjusted our approach and developed even more successful campaigns that generated a large number of leads for the sales pipeline. As a result, the pipeline was filled with meetings, and Mayor Unlimited was able to quickly close a smaller project worth more than €35,000, despite typically long sales cycles. Therefore, we anticipate that more deals will be closed soon.

How did we do it?

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