Case Study: Hackberry - From Skepticism to Success in App Development

Case Study: Hackberry - From Skepticism to Success in App Development

May 11, 2024

Client Overview

Hackberry is an app development company based in Sweden. Despite working with a well-known local sales provider, they were struggling to get more than 5 meetings per month.

Hackberry was EXTREMELY skeptical about cold outbound strategies and unsure about the potential results, but somehow we convinced Hackberry that we can generate great predictable results when doing this right!

😅 The Challenge

Hackberry faced several hurdles:

  • Low Meeting Rates: Under 5 meetings per month with their previous provider.

  • Skepticism: Doubts about the effectiveness of cold outbound strategies in Software Development.

  • Need for Predictable Projects: Wanted a reliable way to secure more projects consistently.

🏹 The Solution

We partnered with Hackberry to revamp their lead generation approach and address their concerns.

  1. Tripling Lead and Meeting Rates:

    • Implemented a targeted email outreach campaign designed to engage potential clients effectively.

    • Focused on high-quality messaging and personalization to increase response rates.

  2. Establishing a Functioning Outbound Funnel:

    • Created a structured outbound funnel that consistently generates demand.

    • Ensured the process was scalable and adaptable to changing needs.

  3. Significantly Boosting the Sales Pipeline:

    • Our strategies added over 600,000€ to Hackberry's sales pipeline.

    • Focused on securing high-value leads to maximize revenue potential.

🙌🏼 Results

Our collaboration with Hackberry yielded transformative results:

  • Increased Leads and Meetings: Tripled the number of leads and meetings, significantly improving their business development efforts.

  • Consistent Demand Generation: Established a reliable outbound funnel that generates consistent demand.

  • Enhanced Sales Pipeline: Added 600,000€ to the sales pipeline, setting the stage for substantial growth.

🎯 Connected with companies like:

  • Troax

  • Flight Radar

  • Energi Huset

  • STV

  • Bruks Siertell

  • Bromma

🏆 Client Testimonial

Thomas, the CEO of Hackberry, shared his positive experience:

"We have been using Leadsify for our email outreach for the past 6 months now, and so far I'm happy with the results. As a team, they are responsive and supportive and take care to cater to my wishes and desires. After all, the emails are sent in my name :). I appreciate the Slack channel with direct access to the team, and their overall joint effort to create an end product that essentially is an 'automation base with a personal touch on top'. I will (and have multiple times already) recommend Leadsify to anyone looking for an email outreach partner."

Hackberry has transformed their approach to lead generation, moving from skepticism to confidence in their ability to attract and secure new projects predictably. With a solid outbound funnel and a robust sales pipeline, they are poised for continued success in the competitive app development industry.